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Hand Grenades Like Cartier Clips


Föreläsning av  Antony Penrose, Lee Miller Archive.

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Two genres shaped the life of Lee Miller, Surrealism and the world of fashion. They informed each other and were both central to the way she saw the world. Her career as a fashion model began with an accidental encounter with Conde Nast, the proprietor of Vogue who put her on his front cover a few weeks before her 20th birthday.

She became the model for Lepape, Steichen, Genthe, Man Ray, Hoyningen Heune, Horst, Picasso and Penrose – later to be her husband. She emerged as a fashion photographer in her own right, metamorphosing into a war correspondent and finally a combat photographer before returning to her role as a distinctive and witty photographer for Vogue in the post war years.

This presentation shows how Lee Miller’s success on both sides of the camera has left us with enduring images that result from her unique way of seeing.





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18 januari 2018


  • Ordinarie:150 kr
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