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Bild: Saadia Hussain
Bild: Saadia Hussain



March 8 – August 11, 2019

Who are the women in the Klara quarters? Who are those that created the women’s history of Stockholm City? This year Sweden celebrates the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, and the exhibition The Women in the Neighbourhood highlights a few of the women who live and lived around Stockholm’s city centre. They include workers, activists, protesters, journalists, artists, feminists, stage directors, the homeless, and the young.  Augusta Lundin, who opened Sweden’s first fashion house on Brunkebergstorg in the late 19th century. Maria Johansson, who sang and played on Sergels torg for many years. Suzanne Osten, who founded the Unga Klara theater. The artists who took over the parliamentary building for a women’s culture festival in 1977. But also those who live here today, like the women at the Klaragården,  Stockholms stadsmissions day centre for women portrayed by the photographer Hannah Modigh. In the exhibition there are also mural paintings by the artist Saadia Hussain, with her interpretation of the women in the neighbourhood.

This exhibition can be seen as a voyage in time, in search of the women and stories of the Klara quarters, in a series of short episodes, stretching far back in history to the days when nuns lived here. Famous names, like the author Selma Lagerlöf and the suffragist Signe Bergman, have a given place in this narrative, along with less well-known women. Like a time machine, we retrace their steps and shed light on their history and legacy. This exhibition is just a small selection of women’s history. We hope it will inspire others to share their stories and those of other women.

Maria Patomella, artistic director

Opening Hours

Monday 15–19 (Free admission)
Tuesday–Friday 11–19
Saturday–Sunday 11–17


Admission 40:-. Free admission for those up to 25 years. Free admission on Mondays.

This exhibition is produced by Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in association with Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska.


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