En del av Stockholms stad
 Fria fotografers filial, 2 mars–22 april 2018, Galleri 5, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
Foto: Uppifrån och ned, från vänster till höger: Helena Ahnberg, Roberto Ekholm, Lovisa Wanker, Per-Erik Åström, Elisabeth Ingvar, Nikola Stankovic.


The Free Photographers’ Department 2018

March 2–April 22, 2018
Gallery 5

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern is a public, cultural place for everyone. With the Free Photographers’ Department 2018, we have given everybody the opportunity to exhibit their own photographs.

The exhibition includes one hundred participants, from professional photographers to complete beginners. What they have in common is a passion for photography. Genre, style, blurry, documentary, staged or even a paraphrase – everything is ok.

The rules for participation were simple:
* First come, first served
* Participants must be at least 18 years old
* The photographs must fit into a specified space

Participating photographers.

This is the second time we present the Free Photographer’s Department at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. The first occasion was in 2016 following an idea of Karina Ericsson Wärn, former Director for Art/Design and Fashion at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern:

"In the 1980s, some friends and I ran the Gauss Photographic Gallery. We showed exhibitions with photographers who today are highly respected, but we were mostly interested in presenting powerful narratives, no matter who had stood behind the camera.

And in order to give everybody a chance, we launched the Free Photographers’ Department – an exhibition without barriers, open for anyone. You could see it as a project in practical democracy."

Welcome to the Free Photographers’ Department 2018!

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Being Alexander Lervik, designer

April 6–August 5, 2018
Gallery 3

Being Alexander Lervik, designer is the major design exhibition at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in 2018, opening April 6. Alexander Lervik, based in Stockholm and with the world as his workplace, is celebrating 20 years in his profession.

Humour, innovation, passion, rebellion and intensity. With his conceptual approach, new inventions and unexpected collaborations, Alexander Lervik has developed a unique formal idiom.

The exhibition Being Alexander Lervik, designer is the first presentation of Alexander Lervik’s entire output, featuring more than 200 items. Here, we enter a world of functional and often surreal objects, such as handles that help you find your way home, and chairs that are seemingly impossible to sit on. Objects created with the ambition to prompt new experiences, impressions and uses.

"I love innovations! My favourite magazine is [the popular science magazine] Forskning & Framsteg, and get a buzz from finding new solutions within the fields where I work", says Alexander Lervik.

Guided tours at. 15:00 on Sundays (in English)

April: 15/4, 22/4 & 29/4
May: 6/5, 13/5, 20/5 & 27/5
June: 17/6
July: 1/7 & 15/7 

About Alexander Lervik

Alexander Lervik (b. 1972) has been a product designer for 20 years. He works with some of Sweden’s and the world’s top producers in design, including Designhouse Stockholm, Ateljé Lyktan, Johanson Design, Skandiform, Adea in Finland and Moroso in Italy. He studied at Beckmans College of Design.

The exhibition is produced by Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

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April 21–August 16, 2018
Plattan (Lower Ground Floor)

Inner Pond, 2003. Lina Selander

In connection with the exhibitions this spring in Gallery 3 and Gallery 5, Being Alexander Lervik, Designer, and The Brothers Lionheart Jesper Waldersten Astrid Lindgren, we are showing video-based works relating to their thematical contents – stories, fairy tales, architecture and everyday objects.

The video works stretch from early abstract experiments, to how the messages in advertising for basic everyday shopping affect our lives. But also how one of the most useful pieces of home furniture, the chair, has its own life, portrayed in the video as a picture of ourselves. Lina Selander’s suggestive projection on the floor sets triggers imagination and playfulness and lends itself to contemplation and exploration by our youngest visitors.

In relation to Jesper Waldersten’s new interpretation of Astrid Lindgren’s book The Brothers Lionheart in Gallery 5, the video comment on contemporary stories and memories. We encounter the hard-working maid in the wealthy 1930s household, with a new-fangled AGA cooker, and the cricket Gunnar, who wants to be accepted for who he is and eventually finds a way thanks to an unexpected encounter. And a slice of nature in the form of spruce and pine that slowly floats past the viewer, as thoughts and memories fade away.

Diagonalsymfonin, 1924
Viking Eggeling                           
8:00, stum        

Sparloop, 2000–2002
Gunilla Klingberg                        
11:30 min, stum

Happy Days, 2015
Daniel Westlund                        
3:17, ljud

Granar och tallar, 2009
Lars Hedelin                                
5:14, stum

…nästan som en i familjen, 2007
Astrid Göransson                       
10:16, ljud

Vem är Gunnar? – en könslig historia, 2004
Tilda Lovell                                  
5:00 min, ljud

Inner Pond, 2003
Lina Selander                               
6 min loop, ljud, projektion på golvet

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